Florence’s florals: Peony Passion

Hello May, I’m so pleased to see you. In my opinion, the best month of the year for flowers…namely my favourites of Lily of the Valley, Lilac, and Peonies.


After the love you all showed for peonies in the first of my Seasonal Series I’m hoping that you won’t mind a little self-indulgent peony pleasure this month. I thought I’d start with a few tips for arranging and then leave the rest to your viewing pleasure.…..

Lily of the valley in jar, bouquet and in blue glass bottle.

As with all flowers, once you’ve got them home or cut them from your garden, remove all of the leaves that will fall below the water line and give each stem a clean cut at a 45 degree angle.

Sometimes the buds can be covered in a sticky sap which can inhibit the petals from bursting open. If this is the case, hold them upside down under a running cold tap to remove some of the sap.

Image credit unknown

As the heads of the peonies are usually too heavy for the stems, choose a vase, jug, or bottle which narrows at the neck to provide enough support for their weighty heads.

I think less is more when it comes to these beauties and I prefer mine on their own. If you want to fill in the gaps however, raid your garden for some fresh green foliage budding from the trees, or what about some cow parsley from the hedgerow?

To prolong their life, re-cut the stems and change the water every few days.

Peony in goblet, Peony cake decor

If you snap a head by accident, don’t panic, they also last for ages floating in a little bowl or cup of water.

Right then ladies and gents, this is your official Peony announcement…..they are available now (although still a little pricey) and shall be around for, fingers crossed, the next 8 weeks……go, buy, and enjoy!

Becky Hay

PS. Read more of Becky’s floral series on Florence Finds or follow her on Twitter @BlossomChorlton.

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8 thoughts on “Florence’s florals: Peony Passion

  1. Pink peonies are very pretty… does anyone know if they are easy to grow or not? If they are ok to grow I might try and find a home for them in the garden. Ta.

    • Hi Caroline,

      I don’t know about growing them from bare root cuttings which I think are available in October, however I’ve bought 2 potted plants in the past and both now flower every year although I’ve had to be very patient. The first year I only had a single flower on each but after 7 years, my white one now gives me a full vase full.

      I have one customer who has a plant in her garden which used to belong to her Dad which makes it apporx 60 years old and apparently it still flourishes. If you know someone with a fabulous plant, ask them if they’ll divide a bit for you. Another customer did this for me last year and so far so good, although I don’t know yet if I’ll get flowers on it this year.

      I think they’re most certainly worth the patience and I’m a firm believer in cutting them to enjoy inside before the rain trashed them in the garden.

      Good luck

  2. I so love peonies. Becky keeps trying to convince me that they wouldn’t be so sweet if they were available year round, but I’m not convinced. I’d like to stick my nose in a bunch of them every single day please.

    Cant wait to pick some up.

    Caroline… Becky may correct me but I believe Peonies can be one of the trickier garden customers. I do know they take time to flower and dislike being disturbed, so pick your sunny spot and leave them there and keep your fingers crossed. Definitely worth a try I say! I will be well jel.


  3. I love them! They are my fave flowers hence I’m having coral and pink ones in my wedding bouquet. My mum also has lots in the garden and I was just talking to her yesterday about getting some cuttings for me to plant.. X

  4. I love peonies but we wanted a late summer wedding so I’m having pale pink David Austin roses in my bouquet – they are peony-shaped. Worth knowing if you’re not getting married in the peony window!

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