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A few weeks back, I introduced a nifty little sign up box in the right hand side bar on Florence Finds. Pop your email in the box and voila! Every Sunday morning you’ll get a Florence Finds weekly round up in your inbox, recapping on the weeks posts so you don’t miss anything. It’s not just a recap though, each week I get sent discounts and deals and this is where they will be going if I think they’re worth mentioning.

The idea behind the round up is that you can easily make sure you don’t miss a single post on Florence Finds… We know everyone has busy days, perhaps a few nights away and doesn’t have chance to check in. Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, Florence Finds is meant to inspire you to live your life and give you the tools to do it better. This way you can make sure you never miss that hot new beauty product, a Fash Flash round up, get a recipe to try out that afternoon, drool over home inspiration for your renovation and browse the more thoughtful posts at your leisure, enjoying and contributing to the comments at your leisure.

However, the other reason that you need this newsletter in your life is that I don’t write it. Gemma does and without fail every week I love her snappy take on the weeks events. Not just limited to what was posted but also taking in conversation sparked via the comments, on Twitter and elsewhere around the web it’s another take on what Florence found that week. This weekend, I’m sharing a screen shot of the weekly round up so you can all read for yourself how hilarious she is and hopefully, add your name to the list of Florence’s friends who receive it every week.

What are you waiting for?!
Happy weekend readers 🙂


PS. The screen shot doesn’t show the full (or in this case, correct – spot the error) newsletter but I was working from the iPad putting this together and couldn’t recapture the image. Forgive me!
PPS. Apologies to those who sign up and are seeing your round up early this week!
PPPS Bargains!
20% off at Warehouse.co.uk this weekend and the mid season sale starts on Monday!
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