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Lately I’m been dwelling a little on my weight. Don’t get me wrong, there won’t be any ‘woe is me’ style sympathy posts on these pages. I’m well aware at a size 10 I’m hardly pushing the scales towards obesity. However, I am heavier than I prefer to be. And again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not aspiring towards a size zero. I’d be more than chuffed if I could shift half a stone!

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Everybody is different in terms of what size (or shape – who gives a toss about what size clothes you buy?!) they are happy at and for me it’s all about my clothes. I simply don’t ever have time, or frankly the inclination, to stand around looking at myself in the mirror in my smalls and critique my less than favourite bits. Why would you do that to yourself? But at the weight I’m at now, the clothes I would usually buy are just not fitting right… they’re that little bit tight, there’s a muffin top overhang on my jeans and my boobs are literally busting out all over. If I go up a size then that’s too big and I hate when clothes are too big, so I’ve got the option of either slimming down (long overdue) or buying a whole new wardrobe and as much as I love clothes, that’s financially not an option!!

I blame my newly sedentary lifestyle on the stone in weight I’ve gained since I got married, I’ve changed jobs and spend the bulk of my time sitting down now whereas I used to always be on my feet. That and being busier means I’ve let the gym go, so both of these are contributing to my expanding backside.

Time to shift it.

But why am I not aiming for my wedding weight? Well, looking back I was far too thin then and I’m not in love with how I looked. Also I think weight loss is all about finding your happy weight. I first read the term ‘happy weight’ in a mag article years ago and it was about finding the weight at which you’re happy with yourself 95% of the time (I’m not naive enough to think that most women don’t have their insecurities even when they feel their best) but that you can still eat that piece of cake, have that extra glass of wine or just actually have a life, y’know? I don’t ever hate anyone for dieting, even though it does drive me insane when skinny girls obsess over their weight, and I really hate it when dieting stops people from having a life, and they feel they should be saying no to a glass of wine over a gossip, or cake at a meet up. A diet should work for you, not the other way around.

So my happy weight is 9 and a half stone. I’m finally pulling my finger out and working on getting back there, courtesy of Weight Watchers (yes, I’m simply not disciplined enough to do it myself!) and a bit of will power in getting me back to the gym.

And then I’m going to treat me to some wardrobe updates for Autumn. Watch this space!

What’s your happy weight, and where are you now? Have I inspired you to try and get back there or are you perfectly happy the way you are? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say…


PS. I’m 5′ 6″ in case you’re wondering, and if you can’t be bothered to aspire towards a ‘happy weight’ I find shoes achieve much the same result – the higher the heel, the bigger the swagger and smile 😉

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5 thoughts on “Finding your Happy Weight…

  1. I’m a size 12, 5ft nearly 4inch and a ‘slightly chubby’ 10st 9ish (swings between 10, 6 and 11). I am generally quite happy with my weight and I dress to my shape (small waist, but big boobs, sizeable hip & bum and short chunky legs)
    However, I bought a rather important dress in a sample sale* and although it is a 12, it runs a bit small! So I need to lose a bit so I dont get back boobs….

    I have always got on ok with WW so I think it is time to return! Plus I need to exercise more, thats the key for me really!

  2. Hello, I am 6ft tall and since I started work had gradually put on more and more weight until I reached 14st7 and hated everything about the way I looked.
    Over a 12 mth period i lost 4 and a half stone and whilst I have learnt that being thinner does not necessarily make you happier (and that you always want to lose that next half a stone…), the difference it has made to my life is huge.
    I’ve just achieved 12 months of maintenance – that’s been much trickier but I’ve found a good balance that works for me and I’ve also learnt that obsessing about a few pounds is ridiculous…it took me a while to get that perspective.
    I used – and still use – an online food diary/resource called and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  3. Good luck getting back to your happy weight! Mine is about half a stone lighter than I am too, but sadly my ‘happy daily eating amount’ does not allow me to actually get lighter! I have decided that this is better for me long term… I’m all about the happy tummy! X

  4. I really interesting post. I need to lose about 3 stone – I’m a size 14 (creeping up to a 16 lately) and I’m not happy at all. 3 stone would put me at a comfortably small size 12, and that size suits me. But I’m not dieting. I truly believe that diets don’t work – 95% of people who lose weight by dieting don’t manage to maintain that weight loss. This article is fascinating but also a little too depressing for me to truly accept:

    So, 2012 is the year that I plan to eat consciously, to make sure I savour each meal, slow down and listen to my body. I’ll eat when I’m hungry and I’ll choose healthy options as much as possible. I’ll cook from scratch more, and drink more water. But mainly I need to do some weight bearing exercise, and to swim again, if I want to get down to my target weight and stay there. And I do want to because I want to be fit and healthy to fully embrace life this year.

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