Fash Flash: Tee Time

No readers, we’re definitely not talking golfing fashion today, but the humble T-shirt.

A few weeks back, when I wrote this post, I purchased the tee that I picked out and I kid you not, I haven’t had it off. That has something to do with the fact that it’s great quality for the price in a heavy jersey, so it’s perfect for cooler summer days, but the shape is great, the arms are cut at just the right length and I love the foiled tiger motif.

Sequin Sleeve sweat top – H&M £19.99 // Reiss Pasidena FOILED V-NECK T-SHIRT – £69 // ASOS T-Shirt with Hologram Stripes in Foil– £20
Floral Skull tee H&M £7.99 // Blue & Purple printed Tee Diesel – £40 // BRIYA Bird graphic tee Ted Baker – £39
ASOS T-Shirt with Foil Spot – £22 // Embellished Grey Tee, H&M – £14.99 // ASOS Vest With Lightning Leopard Print – £11

I love jersey tops and when I’m not going somewhere or am running around doing errands, you’re most likely to find me in a striped tee and skinny or boyfriend jeans. The problem was that stripes, unless paired with heels or a mega accessory like a chunky necklace can look very ‘weekend’ and I realised I needed an alternative for more stylish but equally comfortable days. Choosing a tee with a bit of sparkle, and eye catching design, or colour seems to be the perfect solution and I’m determined to branch out and add to my collection. No stripes allowed. (Note the sneaky addition of the hologram stripes above – fail!)

So this is my round up of favourites – Do you rely on t-shirts or are you tempted to give them a try?


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5 thoughts on “Fash Flash: Tee Time

  1. I actually love you for this post. As a mum to two small people I was starting to think I would never wear anything decent ever again! I dont accessorise due to small grabby hands – its just not practical for me (others seem able to mind you) so I struggle to feel vaguely “with it” these days but I love all these t shirts so will definitely be making a purchase…fashion that will actually function for me. RESULT

  2. I do love tee’s, but can’t get on board with sequinned tees, I think I feel like they’re trying too hard!! One of my wardrobe go-to items though is a navy tee with silver foiled flowers and beading -from Oasis a few years ago and I feel it bridges the casual/smart gap quite well. Love the ASOS spot tee above!

  3. I think my comment got eaten again 🙁

    I love tees – I regularly get told off my the Mr for wanting to wear on to dinner dates etc. I could definately get on board with some fancier/shiner tees, perhaps he wouldn’t notice then!?

    Loving the circle pattern one and the sequin sleeves 🙂


  4. Oooh I love a good tshirt and have found some great ones this year in H&M and on ASOS too. The same as Gemma, they are great for hadling a little one, but looking chic too 🙂

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