Dream Destination: The Gallivant

Todays ‘find’ isn’t somewhere I have been, but instead somewhere I would like to go. As it’s summer, although I’m not off galivanting (no pun intended,) I have been thinking about making it feel a little more like holiday season by taking some day trips. I’m always on the look out for cute independent hotels to visit and interesting restaurants, so the images of this one sent over to my by Anneli Marinovich grabbed my attention straight away.

Image Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

Despite the fact that I dislike the wind and the way it’s always a few degrees cooler at the seaside, I think I’ll always be a coastal girl at heart. You know what they say, when the weather is good, there’s no better place to be than England and I do love a sea view. The beach above is Camber Sands in Rye, East Sussex where you can also find The Gallivant, a boutique hotel with bistro and beach cafe. Aside from thinking it looks like a brilliant place to stay, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the coastal decor. Everything from the driftwood exterior to the shellfish prints and inky blue wall colours just feels so relaxing and reminiscent of the quintessential summer holiday.

Image Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

Doesn’t that shade of blue just look like you could fall into it forever? The crisp white of the picture frames pop against it yet still work beautifully with the more rustic aspects of the decor. The bleached and distressed wood and the salvaged lamps, instead of looking industrial, appear weathered by the salty sea-air.

Image Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

The hotel is a wedding venue too and they happened to be set up for one when Anneli was looking around – I couldn’t help but share the cute little nautical details she captured…

Image Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

The decor ideas don’t stop inside either, The Gallivant‘s exterior looks amazing, particularly the sand loving plants I grew up with in my back garden. If you’re looking for low maintenance plants and have sandy soil, you could take a ton of inspiration from the way the gardens have been designed and planted.

Image Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

So readers, have you been to The Gallivant or the surrounding area or have I made you want to?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the decor too and if you’re feeling inspired this morning.


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19 thoughts on “Dream Destination: The Gallivant

  1. I am desperate to find an occasion for the George in Rye. This decor is a bit cutesy and cliched for me. We are going to try and visit the Scarlet next year.

  2. I heard about this hotel on another blog and had wanted to go ever since! So thank you for the gentle reminder and I have now booked a stay there at the end of August, cant wait 🙂

  3. I saw this online somewhere about a year ago and tried to convince my friend to use it for her wedding, for purely selfish reasons!

    Stupidly I signed up to their mailing list and every time one drops in to my inbox it kills me.

    I’m thinking about an Easter break next year, now that FF has told mei have to go, Mr G has no excuses!!!

  4. Are you actually reading my mind? Only last night I said to the husband that I wanted to take a couple of days to stay on the coast in East Sussex when we’re there for a family thing later this year! This is going on the list…

  5. I’m now immediately going to trawl the internet for some white picture frames! I think they’ll look amazing on the feature wall in my dining room, which I’ve just painted deep purple, and will really complement the pale grey on the other walls and white woodwork. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I LOVE Rye! I got married at the George so when we visit the area we tend to go there. I am now seriously tempted to try this restaurant on our next visit!

  7. Oh rub it in why don’t you?!! Fran and I were invited to go and check out the hotel in June but we had a hen do so had to decline…we have now been invited back in September but I’m away again!!! Fran can make it though and judging by these snaps she’s in for a treat!

  8. I love Rye- it’s got such a friendly atmosphere (although my luck in living so close by means I don’t have any excuse to stay in such a lovely hotel…). The Apothocary is a wonderful cafe – delicious cakes, wonderful decor (as it, strangely, actually used to be an old Apothocary…) and my bf and I sat next to Paul McCartney! Antique shopping, celeb spotting, and a cheese ploughmans by the sea- you can’t get any better than that! xx

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