Don’t throw the baby [style] out with the bathwater

If you read my post on broodiness, babies and whether it’s ever the right time, this post may not come as a surprise to you. It did to me though! The glorious wealth of pictures that is Pinterest puts beautiful stylish inspiration in front of my nose every day but I was completely shocked to find that there is something other than alphabet borders and lemon walls for stylish nurseries. I guess one of the biggest fears I have about having babies is losing my sense of self and that is so strongly linked to having lovely things around me, whether in my home or in my wardrobe, that the thought of a bland nursery was totally uninspiring.

However, something changed my mind and I’m now the proud owner of a Pinterest board named Pitter Patter… baby stuff. I’ve had it for a while now and now just seems like a good time to share my ‘finds’. all because of this cot…

Wooden Moon crib

So there is style to be found in nurseries. You can be individual and extend the taste you have throughout the rest of your home. Just look at some of these examples!

Letter R above Bed with dot garlands // Oval crib and grown up artwork

And if you have an explosion of little feet and need to combine 2 cots, what better way to do it than with a cornucopia of colour?

Twin(!) blue cots

Of course, don’t get me wrong, if you’ve been dreaming of the picture perfect traditional nursery, there is plenty out there to inspire you too. I love how grey has made its way into this chic but soothing example and the more ‘lived in’ (read: achievable and realistic!) look in the bottom image.

Grey and white nursery // Traditional nursery

It seems there are so many options now and clever creative mothers and/or designers (or fathers!) who have combined all their usual style with sweet touches, colour and pattern. It must be a better economy too as you won’t need to make a more grown up room when your child outgrows their cot. Whether you just want to inject some colour or go completely modern with rustic touches and salvage chic, it feels like anything is possible.

Rustic barn door backdrop nursery // Turquoise cot and green accented room

The problem with all this kids’ stuff though is that it makes you want it for yourself. If I bought my kids a teepee that was this stylish, you can bet you’d find me curled up with a book and glass of wine as soon as they were tucked up in bed!

White TeePee

So although I’m not quite there yet, there’s nothing like being prepared and I hope this inspires some of you who might be in need of some stylish nursery ideas to take the plunge and get nesting. 😉


PS Please please please, send in your new nursery make-overs or in fact any other rooms in your house that you have revamped – I’d love to share them 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Don’t throw the baby [style] out with the bathwater

  1. Well, i wasn’t broody, but on seeing this, I AM NOW!

    Seeing as we literally just completed on our new house (yay me!) is it weird to now start looking at nursery furniture, if there are zero plans for babies for the next two to three years (we were thinking one year but after spending a crazy afternoon with four kids under the age of four this weekend, hubby and I made a pact to book at least two more big *no kids for us thanks* holidays)?

  2. I will sheepishly admit to having a lemon nursey! But we’re moving house shortly and I’m desperate to decorate our daughter’s room a bit more fun and funky. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. wow love the moon bed and the teepee – you’re right about nursery decoration it can be stylish if you want it to!

  4. Your timing is impeccable. I was only looking at all of these gorgeous images a couple of nights ago on Pinterest myself. I love the more eclectic ones with bright colours but the light pale ones seem so dreamy and peaceful.

    We’ve just re-painted our little room. It’s only taken 7 years since we moved in to get rid of the previous owners hideous egg yolk yellow walls! It’s now an off white blank canvas and I have no idea what to do next. If it turns out ok, I might let you have a peek.

  5. We are about to move house (fingers crossed, still don’t quite believe it will happen) and the only room we are going to let ourselves decorate will be the nursery due to a dire lack of funds! So many ideas here to go away and think about, although leaning towards a white room with lots of colour…

  6. Ahh how utterly adorable! I can’t believe I haven’t found your blog sooner….especially after following you over on the blue polka dot pages! This blog is immense and after finding it I have had the pleasure of trawling back through lots of posts… it! I’ve just had a baby girl so your recent posts have been very apt, I do however now wish I could turn back time and buy the moon cot……maybe next time ; )

  7. Perfect timing Rebecca, we’re starting to decorate our nursery next week! Some fantastic inspiration here, I love the moon cot & the teepee, shame we’ve already ordered a cot or I wouldn’t have been able to resist!

  8. Practical and gender neutral is the way we went in keeping with the rest of the house, none of the other rooms are twee or cutsie country style (not that there is anything wrong with those styles). We have bold colours and practical storage. It works really well as a nursery and we think it looks great too.
    Be prepared to hunt around and think outside the box – add the term nursery to an item and prices rise, a shelf is a shelf is a shelf! X

  9. A massive thank you, for this lovely message that I have just discover. What you say about our moon bed,( handmade and design for the birth of our little girl) is very very sweet!!! keep coming on our blog, pinterest, facebook, we will have more to propose as it seems that people like our work, so glad of this!

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