Bea @ 6 weeks and Nursery sneak peek!

A few weeks ago now Laura and Pete came over to capture some images of Bea while she is still tiny. We had discussed when would be the best time when we did my maternity shoot and one thing Laura said stuck with me, ‘You’ll never want to do it, you’ll never feel ready, don’t worry about tidying and everything, just get us round.’ So at 6 weeks we bit the bullet (once she was smiling,) and arranged a date. In typical fashion we had a bad night prior to them coming, and Bea then proceeded to have the most out of character day she has ever had, grizzling her way through the photos. I was tired, managed to do my hair and not much else, even throwing on some everyday clothes. But you know what, I didn’t care. I wanted images of us in our daily life, just celebrating the every day joy that Bea brings us. And that’s exactly what we got.

Head on over to the Lawson photography blog to see the whole post AND some of the photos were taken in the nursery, so you’ll get a sneaky peek of that too. 🙂 Full post on the nursery coming soon…

Thank you so much Laura and Pete – you really do amaze me every time with the moments you capture forever.


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5 thoughts on “Bea @ 6 weeks and Nursery sneak peek!

  1. Fantastic advice. So true. It feels like a lot of money to spend on a real luxury at a time when you feel so short of cash but they last forever. You’ll also have sorted all of your older family members Birthday or Christmas presents at the same time….just add a few frames!

  2. Just checked out the blog post- they are such beautiful images, you’re going to have a tough time picking which ones to put up. Bea looks adorable and there’s great ones of each if you with Bea as well as the three of you. Those lawsons are darn good photographers.
    We did one when Pheebs was 3 weeks – it’s so great to have them to remember when they were tiny dots.
    Loving the nursery sneak peak too xxx
    Ps love your hair in these pics too x

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