Barcelona Babymoon

Next week, Pete and I are off to Barcelona for a bit of a getaway. It’s not really a babymoon but I’m grateful we’re getting some time to ourselves as work plus incessant house worries and a serious lack of holidays was really starting to get to us. We didn’t think we could afford to book something for just us, (as well as the wedding we are going to in Italy in May) but I was determined that we should make the most of the last few months before we are a three. I scouted around for cheap deals and booked some EasyJet flights for £100 each and found a cool looking cheap hotel – Room Mate Emma. We’re both exhausted and just want to chill out, eat nice food, enjoy some sun (fingers crossed!) and walk around taking in the sights, and each other.

So before we go I need your recommendations readers, on things to do and see. All we have in mind so far is The Gaudi Park, (I have been before and seen La Sagrada Familia and the Picasso museum,) but I’d love to hear your restaurant recommendations, cool areas we should experience and relaxing things to do and see. Oh and I’d like to go down to the waterfront too.

Let me have it readers!


PS, I’ll review the hotel and where I go afterwards, of course!

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19 thoughts on “Barcelona Babymoon

  1. This is a bit random but the airport shuttle bus service in Barcelona is great and will save you a ton of money on cabs:

    We went at a quiet time of year but the queues at La Sagrada Familia were still very long so I would pick the time of day you go wisely. And the Camp Nou tour is fab if you’re football fans (I’m not but T is and I still enjoyed it!).

    We found the best restaurants by pottering around off the beaten track – my fail safe strategy on city breaks. Have an amazing time!

    • Good call Fee – Pete has already ear marked the stadium tour so I’m glad to hear I might enjoy it too! Also glad to hear about transport – always boring, we would usually walk everywhere but my back has been a bit sore recently so transport options sound good!

  2. We visited Barcelona in January with our baby daughter, the weather was actually hot (well it was for my pale northern skin!) and we had a fab time. The Mercat Princesa in El Born is well worth a visit, all the food there is amazing and the El Born area has some fantastic shops

  3. Ohhh you are going to love it in Barcelona, lucky you. It is not only the architecture, there is magic in the city, always some activity. Be sure to go to the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) , it is a cultural center and there is always something interesting going on. In the area there is a very hip skater scene, lots of local bars for tapas, and you will be in the vicinity of the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona). You can also go to the “L’Ovella Negra” in Carrer Sitges 5, a tavern where all you can get is Sangria or Beer, normally by the pitcher, and where you should try the Patates Braves, it is quite the famous place, both locals and tourists intermix and it is a favorite for Erasmus students. You could also go to the one near to metro Marina on the red line (Carrer de Zamora, 78) , closer to the sea and more for the locals.

    I lived in Barcelona for 4 years, so I am going to go on and recommend you different places to eat and to go…

    Buenas Migas (now a chain) is an italian cafe-foccaccia place, for breakfast or lunch or a snack. They are all over the city but I would go to the one in Plaça Bonsucces, very close to the Ramblas on the right side when you are facing the sea. (Plaza Bonsuccés 6. )

    If you like Greek food I strongly recommend restaurant Dionisos, it is my favorite place. I would go to the one in Ciutadella, near the big park of the same name, Arc de Triomf and the zoo. (Av. Marqués de l’Argentera 27, Born)

    You have to go for ice cream to Heladeria Fratello (Passeig Joan de Borbo 15), near the Barceloneta, on the yellow metro line. In the area there is the nautical history museum is, old post office building, and you can walk by the sea-harbor and maybe go to the aquarium. I wrote about this ice cream place here .

    And if you want to see a neighborhood that Catalans themselves love you have to go to Gracia, to a small artisan italian place, the address is Plaza Revolucio de Setembre 1868 you can get there with the green metro line, I think the stop is Fontana or otherwise with the FGC (Ferrocarrils generals generalitat, it is a train that goes within the city ) to the stop Gracia. You will see the place in the little square or ask around, they will know. When you are in Gracia you can go to Cinemas Verdi, they always have artsy European films in original language.

    If you like parks, aside from Ciutadella and Park Guell, you should not miss the Labyrinth park in Horta, it is a bit outside the city but totally worth it .You can get there with Metro Mundet (green line).

    And just walk in the old center. It is beautiful, medieval, the life of the city will capture you. While you are in the Gothic part of the city (center, to the left of the ramblas) you shouldn’t miss the most beautiful street I ever saw: Carrer del Bisbe, between the cathedral and Plaça St Jaume And go inside the cloyster of the cathedral, also beautiful.

    Another nice place not to be missed if you are into buildings with a history is a library that used to be a hospital, prior to that a convent, where Ramon y Cajal worked and discovered neurons. There is a bar popular among students at the patio of the building. The address is Carrer de l’Hospital, 56. It is also near the Ramblas on the right side (Raval). Just go there during the day, it can get scary at night.

    I Love those orange trees. If I think of more places I will let you know.

  4. I love wandering the streets in barcelona however (and I know it’s touristy) I highly recommend the open top bus tour. It’s easy, informative and you see loads!

  5. My favourite memory from Barcelona is eating at Cafe De L’Academia – it’s in the Gothic Quarter and we managed to nab a table outside in a tiny little square where buskers were playing. It was super romantic and the food was absolutely beautiful – definitely comes highly recommended from me!

  6. Perfect timing Rebecca, as I’m off to Barcelona with my husband and some friends on Friday for a long weekend! We’ve been so busy with work that we haven’t had time to think about what to do when we get there. Great tips! xx

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    I love Barcelona and have been there about 5 times now – it’s a great city! Here’s a few things I love to do that you might like too:
    -Visit the Fundació Miró – A huge collection of Joan Miró’s work with some really awesome sculptures and installations! The mercury fountain (enclosed in glass of course) is particularly hypnotic.

    -Walk down Las Ramblas – it’s so touristy but it has an undeniable buzz! There’s always lots of street performers and portrait artists lined up down here.

    -Pop into La Boqueria Market – just off Las Ramblas (I think!), it’s a wonderful food market selling everything from smoothies to seafood, with some great little tapas restaurants inside.

    -Walk around Port Vell – this is the harbour area and lovely to explore in the late afternoon/evening. There’s a really sweet aquarium there too with a sunfish (they’re amazing – Google them!) but perhaps this would be better to visit once the baby’s a toddler 🙂

    Hope you have fun!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  8. If you’re wandering around the squares make sure you pay a visit to the Placa George Orwell – otherwise known as the “Placa Tripi” (trippy/acid square). It’s very Bohemian and some interesting bars. We really liked Oviso when we were there… quite a few years ago now mind you!

    Take some sensible and supportive shoes, you may find pacing the streets as you normally would may throw up aches and pains you never knew you had. I missed a whole day of our Florence trip lying in bed!


  9. First of all, congrats on your wonderful news!
    Barcelona seems like the perfect choice for a pre-baby trip. I’ve never been myself but will be bookmarking the page as it’s somewhere I definitely want to go in the future.
    Have a lovely time!

  10. Sorry I’m a bit late…

    I would really recommend chocolate and churros at Granja La Pallaresa on Carrer de Petritxol. It’s such a treat for breakfast. The customers were mostly locals, with a few tourists who had sought the place out. Most of the toursists were having the churros and I loved watching their faces when it arrived. Such happy food!

    My friend who lives in Barcelona recommended this street for breakfast. There are other lovely little cafes too.

    Enjoy, and warmest congrats on your pregnancy! xx

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