Baby Brain…

Until a few weeks ago, I always thought baby brain was a bit of a myth, perpetuated by women to their advantage. Well, mother nature is having a good laugh at my expense right now.

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Aside from the appointment I missed because I went out and totally forgot the wardrobe fitter was coming to measure, (that was the first episode, around 26 weeks,) not being able to retain information I was told just hours before and the 2 wing mirrors I may or may not have clipped in the last two weeks, I have been completely unable to make decisions, and the more important they get or time pressured, the worse I am at it!

Yesterday was a peak of stupidity however when I spotted Elton John tickets online for sale. When Pete and I were in Las Vegas we chose between Elton and Cirque du Soleil and I have regretted ever since that we didn’t see Elton John. So when I saw these tickets, in desperate need of some time with Pete pre-baby, I snapped them up. I even checked with Pete that I wasn’t doing anything that weekend, (should have known better.) It wasn’t until I was driving him later that I realised I had a pre-planned girls weekend booked for that very night. Cue sinking feeling, a red face and a feeling of idiocy that I had just wasted such a lot of money.

Today, feeling a bit fed up of all the building work, totally out of cash and now doubly disappointed to be missing Elton John AND the cash I paid for the tickets, I thought I’d see if you guys had any entertaining stories as a result of baby brain. And please don’t tell me ‘it only gets worse!’


PS, drop me an email if you are interested in the tickets!

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17 thoughts on “Baby Brain…

  1. Oh Rebecca, I really feel for you and can totally relate. I had a couple of particularly bad baby brain instances when pregnant. The first was when I managed to leave a bag with our passports and my hospital notes in it on a train (which I never recovered, and typically I needed the notes the week after when I got admitted to hospital with some bleeding). The second was travelling across London to my active birthing class and thinking that I’d left a candle burning in our flat – Matthew was on his way to meet someone on the other side of town as well and I made him cancel his plans and go back home to blow the candle out. Except of course I had actually blown it out before leaving. Unsurprisingly, my husband wasn’t too impressed!

    Fingers crossed that’s the last of it for you…though I can’t say my brain is any better post-pregnancy!

  2. Oh its so true! I locked myself out of my house in both pregnancies and drove to the airport for a work trip to Germany only to realise I had forgotten my passport. But the major one, and in sympathy with you, I had my second child whilst we were building our house and sometimes I look round now and can see where my baby brain was playing a role. Most notably the window frame colour (which for boring reasons can’t be repainted) and some dubious choices of socket placement! The indecision was a killer. It does get better!

    • I’m desperately hoping I haven’t messed up anything house related. tbh, I’d argue it’s the mental drain of that that is impacting on other stuff but I have never been like this before!

  3. TWICE whilst I was pregnant I went into Costa, ordered a coffee and a muffin to go, paid and promptly turned around and walked out. Both times I didn’t realise I had forgotten the goods until about twenty minutes later. Buffoon.

    And this may be more due to being overwhelmed and exhausted but minutes after I had Max when the ‘third stage’ was happening I started shouting ‘No! It’s starting again! I’m in labour again!’. No idea how the midwives kept a straight face!

  4. I still can’t find my garlic bread. I’ve checked all the cupboards, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and laundry bin. No idea how I could have lost two baguettes.

    So far (fingers crossed) I’m not aware of anything else.

  5. Baby brain definitely does exist, but my experience of it was probably a bit different to most! My first daughter was born during my second year of ALevels {I was studying as a mature student}. I even sat an exam 2 days before my due date, but I managed to get 3 As. My son was born at the end of my final year of univeristy and I wrote my dissertation mostly while bouncing on a birth ball! I postponed my finals until he was 9 weeks old and had to express feeds between papers, but I got a first! I’ve always said that if I ever do a PhD I’ll have to have a third, just in case the pregnancy hormones are actually the key to my intelligence!

    Although I did OK academically, at home it was a different story and there were plenty of unfinished sentences, missed meetings and other random episodes of forgetfulness. They’re not joking when they say you deliver your brain with the placenta either….!

  6. I remember the indecision, it’s so frustrating. That has defo got better for me although tiredness definitely plays it’s part once the bubba arrives. My internet food shop is always fun as there’s always a baby brain related item on it – last time I ordered 2 massive wedges of Parmesan – only needed one small bit, upset they had sold out of my normal one so got 2- not even 2 the same brand or size tho! and 2 single bananas instead of 2 bags, etc. yesterday I went to make a cuppa, proceeded to put teabag in the kettle! Phoebe is almost 6 months……..ha ha! Xxxx

  7. If it’s any consolation I appear to have had baby brain my entire life, having kids has only served to make it worse. I once took Gav away to Dublin as a surprise for his birthday… while jaunting around on the tour bus he inquired as to when we would be going home. On checking the tickets I discovered that instead of a weekend we would be staying for a month. Yup, I booked tickets home in March instead of February. And the whole purpose of that weekend was to prove that I was capable of organising things without messing up. Impossible.

    My brain has a way of substituting words with completely random other words when I’m tired. Again this got worse when I was pregnant. I was busy telling a friend about an Egyptian that I went to see at the Edinburgh Festival. His confused face in response didn’t even trigger any realisation until Gav chipped in with “she means magician”. *facepalm*

  8. I was also convinced it was a myth… Until I left my notes on top of the hospital car park pay-and-display machine at 16 weeks. Then there was the time I made a bread and butter pudding but forgot to add eggs. And the time I misread “butter” for “caster sugar” in a recipe while making cookies. I’m ashamed to admit how long I spent mixing 600g of sugar together while thinking “this recipe must need an awful lot of butter…” (It was a long time).

  9. I had my first NCT class on Monday. I bent down to sign in and promptly forgot my name….for a good 10 seconds.

  10. Haha, it really does only get worse though. I don’t even know what date it is most of the time anymore as i think in terms of monday-sunday now as it helps me remember what we are supposed to be doing so if anyone asks me to sign and date things i tend to look like a bit of an idiot. Also if i have to give my date of birth i usually give my childrens before i realise what i’m saying. I was hoping it would have worn off by now but definitely getting worse and they have just turned 4!

  11. I got £60 out of the cash machine the other day and walked off before collecting it! Being 36 weeks pregnant is my only excuse. I didn’t even realise for 2 hours. Needless to say someone clearly took it as it didn’t go back to my account. Baby brain persisted last time until I stopped breast feeding!

  12. It pains me to say it but I do stuff like this all the time even though I’m not pregnant!! I planned a theatre evening with the girls (it was even me planning it, I suggested the date and booked the tickets and everything) and only realised 24 hours later that I had booked it for the same night I was going to a comedy gig with my boyfriend which had been planned for months!! (Luckily I was able to get an exchange on the tickets, could you try and do the same Rebecca?)

    My theory is -I make these kinds of mistakes when I’m tired and stressed. And pregnancy is stress on the body too. So could all be related to that? Plausible no?!

  13. I’ve used online sites like viagogo to resell tickets before (…I’ve never had a baby but have accidentally bought tickets I can’t use on a number of occasions…) and never had a problem! Don’t stress about it! 🙂 Good luck!

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