A tentative hello…

Well hello readers! Are there even any readers out there? I’d forgive you if not… it’s been almost 8 long months since I wrote a blog post here, announcing that Cora had arrived, bumping our little family to four. I’m lying when I say it’s been 8 long months though, good grief they have flown. The days have whistled past, the nights though? They have been loooooong. Having two children has Kicked. My. Ass.

So many times I’ve wanted to write a blog post but haven’t had the time. When I have had opportunity, sleep has often been higher up the agenda. Cora has not been a great sleeper… In fact as I write this, it’s 05.42am and I’m sat in the feeding chair, having failed to put her back down once and with the genius idea to try and use my time productively, I’m typing on my phone.

Cora at Francesca’s hen weekend // Plannign the amazing flowers with Miss Pickering // The Tipi’s pre-wedding // My sister, The Bride!

Aside from having a baby (which frankly, would have been quite enough thank you,) it’s been a busy old 8 months. Aside from the daily, no, hourly trials and tribulations of having two, we’ve had a few milestone events going on. My sister got engaged just two weeks before Cora was born and married a week ago. With a short engagement it was all hands on deck and lots of appointments and planning to be done that I helped her with. In September Bea started preschool nursery at the local primary school, a decision we had agonised over and I’ll come back to in a separate blog post at some point. And behind all of that… the project that has been grumbling along since we bought this house, but in ernest for the last almost two years, we are finally about to start the extension we had in mind when we first looked around this house.

Choosing floor tiles // My original inspiration for the extension // Bathroom shopping // Architects meetings

Some of you might remember the ‘monster pipe’ story. If not, here is the blog post if you want to read about it. Essentially our house is built almost on top of a large overflow sewer which predates the house and is massive. 1m across, 4m underground. (Which isn’t as deep as it sounds when you consider that we have cellars!) When we bought the house we were told there was no way we would ever be able to build over it but after realising (2 years in) that the house just wasn’t working for us with a baby in tow, we decided to make some bigger moves to try and get the go ahead. We managed it and then were planning to start in January this year when Cora was due in March, so we postponed. Looking back that wasn’t realistic at all… there have been delays and decisions at every turn and I’m determined to get this particular project right. Leaving the top floor aside, it will finish the house for us, adding a much needed family living/dining space and utility room, and rejigging the downstairs loo, hallway, landing and extending the first floor bathroom. What started out as simply adding a ‘glass box’ to the back of the house has spiralled somewhat… whilst I absolutely can’t wait to have it done, I really don’t want to ‘do’ it at all – particularly as we will be living in it throughout.

We’ve also been to Greece, Cornwall (twice) and The Lake District, Just So Festival, renovated the dining room and acclimatised to being a family of four. Honestly that has been my longest and toughest project, one I’m still working on, but also one that I finally feel comfortable with. It’s only taken 8 months!

Anyway, I want to expand on all of these things, and so many others, so I’ll be back. Fingers crossed!


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8 thoughts on “A tentative hello…

  1. Great to see you back blogging. I completely understand the challenges of adding another child to the mix and I can empathise with the no sleep. My second daughter is so different to the first. She has a great, wee cheeky personality but the sleeping situation has definitely aged me ????. Your extension plans sound exciting. Can’t wait to hear how it all comes together.

  2. ???????? Hello!
    Lovely to read a new post, sounds like an exhausting and exciting time!

    Can’t wait to hear about the extension, I love your interiors stuff and the attention to details that I just don’t possess!

    Also – do you know what eyeshadows were used on your sister for her wedding make up? I’m attempting to find the perfect metallic browns for Xmas and I can’t decide and they look lovely.


  3. Great to have you back! My wee boy was a terrible sleeper and I don’t mind saying it nearly broke me. And that wasn’t with two! Round about 8 months when I started to feel semi-human again. You’re doing brilliantly. Exciting stuff about the house extension – good luck!

  4. It’s really lovely to hear from you. It sounds like it’s been a whirlwind with lots of exciting plans. I look forward to hearing about them

    I also loved the metallic eye shadows and wondered the same!

  5. Solidarity! I’m a year into number 2 and I am a shadow of my former self! Number one was a great sleeper but number two not so much….every day starts a little after 5am and sometimes even before. I feel your pain! Impressed by all you have achieved since Cora arrived. I can barely get everyone dressed and fed! Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Yes!!!!! So nice to read your latest post. Sounds frantic and exciting – can’t wait to hear more about your extension plans too.

  7. So lovely to have you back writing. It would be lovely to hear more detail about what’s been going on and the extension plans! ????

  8. Hello! Nice to see you blogging again :)
    Looking forward to all the updates and news.
    Cora is adorable even if she is a little ‘sleep thief’, and Bea has grown up so much!
    Two is tough… but it does get easier (promise).

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