A short service announcement…

Hi Readers,

I just wanted to update you all on something new as you might have noticed that there has been a bit of downtime on the blog lately – both last Monday and again yesterday. On both occasions my hosters closed the site down due to a database size warning, which was in turn due to a massive amount of spam comments I’ve been getting. You guys don’t even see these as (unlike some blogs where you might notice them in the comments,) I have a filter set up that puts them straight in a spam box. I was advised by my hosters to install a Captcha on the comments but I resisted as I hate them personally and I really didn’t want to put you guys off commenting. However in the last week, after clearing out my spam box, I received another 25,000 spam comments, resulting in more down time yesterday and making me realise I had no choice but to address the problem.

As a result, I have had to go ahead and install a captcha for the comments (for those of you who think I’m speaking greek, it’s the little box you have to retype the text in from a rubbish picture when the computer thinks you might be spam, can you tell I don’t like them?) and I have tried to keep it as simple as possible by choosing a number test instead which is super quick. I just wanted to tell you all so it wasn’t a surprise and also to please ask that it doesn’t stop you commenting on Florence Finds! I love reading your comments and it would be very sad if this stopped you as I’ve really had no choice in order to keep Florence Finds up and running at all.

Thanks guys!
(and normal post coming at 11am)

Rebecca x

8 thoughts on “A short service announcement…

  1. I don’t often comment but read every day. I am sorry to hear you’ve had a horrible time with the spammers – what a nuisance! The new captcha thing is nice and easy and seems friendly for visually impaired. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading (promise to try to comment more) X

    • Robots Marlene. It’s all very bizarre and not a new problem, but it has only just started to have an impact. Previously they just filtered off into my inbox but so many started to clog up the database… who knows why.

  2. OMG… this could be the end for me… I am a number dunce. Remember that scene in Friends where Ross jokes with Monica that certain letters just fell out of Ben’s head?

    That’s how maths works for me… it’s like my intelligence just sifts out through my ears like sand. Pretty coloured, sparkly sand though… :-)

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