A DIY: How to craft a Glassine envelope…

This afternoon, it’s a super chic and perfectly pretty DIY that fits one of my favourite categories, paper, from Michelle over at Pocketful of Dreams. I love receiving prettily wrapped gifts and cards, nothing is more exciting or a better indication of the effort someone has gone to to please you, so I’m delighted that Michelle is here to show us how to pretty up our correspondence.

Hello folks,
It’s another DIY day on Pocketful of Dreams and today I wanted to share a really simple project with you. This is something that anyone can tackle, be it to jazz up wedding invitations, a greeting card or just your own personal stationery.
With an age of internet and email the art of letter-writing has been somewhat lost so I say let’s get back to the days of sending beautiful and well thought-out stationery. I just adore receiving pretty cards in the post, even more so when they are wrapped in a beautiful envelope, it makes the opening all that more enticing and exciting.

You will Need
Glassine sheets ~ I used these white glassine sheets which had a gorgeous glittery polka dot design on them
An envelope ~ to use as your template
Twine ~ this step is optional

How to make a glassine envelope
{step one}
Taking the envelope you are using as your template, carefully unseal the edges and lay it out flat on top of your (face-down) glassine sheet

{step two}
Now draw around the edges of the envelope very lightly in pencil

{step three}
Next you want to cut out the envelope with scissors, carefully following the pencil line

{step four}
Now you need to fold in the edges, I kept the original envelope underneath my glassine sheet whilst I did this so I could match-up the folded lines, fold all 4 flaps inwards

{step five}
Run a small amount of glue along the bottom two flaps and carefully press down.

**Top Tip**
Don’t use a glue that is too wet as this will make the glassine paper wrinkle too much, a more solid glue like pritt-stick is best.

To finish off the look you could add a coloured twine or even a jute string to your envelope, just wrap it around and tie in a bow.

The lovely photography you see here is by Katy Lunsford, a North-West based Wedding Photographer. See more of Katy’s work here.

Happy crafting folks.
Michelle xx

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13 thoughts on “A DIY: How to craft a Glassine envelope…

  1. Oooh what a lovely project! I love stationary and especially getting lovingly wrapped cards and presents so I think I’ll have to give this a go. You make it look so easy…

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  3. Hi

    I was just wondering where you got the glassine paper from? I’ve been looking for some like this for ages to wrap my bridesmaids and parents wedding gifts but can’t find any as pretty as this!

    Thank you


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