25-33 weeks…

The last 10 weeks of pregnancy has absolutely flown by and I feel bad that I have let these updates slip, not because I think you’re hanging on my every pregnancy related word, but because I use this as a record for myself too. I even have a little note book of pregnancy milestones and haven’t recorded anything in it since before 20 weeks.

The truth is, so far (touch wood,) I have been very lucky and pregnancy hasn’t really stopped me at all. That is definitely changing now (more in my next update,) but up to 34 weeks things have been pretty normal. That coupled with all the things we have been having done to the house has been a massive distraction and I speak no word of a lie when I say aside from the pram, we are no more prepared for a baby now than we were at my last update.

I feel kind of sad about this. I know my second pregnancy (again, touch wood,) won’t be the same as my first, with a small one around to run around after I doubt it will be given much attention and I wish I had had time to indulge in pregnancy related treats like Yoga. I haven’t done a single jot of regular exercise since becoming pregnant and never made it swimming as I intended. But, I guess the physical activity in the house has more than made up for that and whilst I now feel huge, I’ve only just hit the 2 stone weight gain mark. And health wise, it’s only really been working hard in the house that has phased me – my lower back has been really stiff and sore if I over do the cleaning or decorating. Oh that and tennis…

28 weeks seemed like a good time to suggest a game of tennis with Pete and whilst we took it easy – I wasn’t sprinting for any long shots, it was fab to be active again. I more than paid for it however and had terrible back pain for about three days, even sleeping propped up one night, then fortunately it passed. Lesson learned. We also went to a wedding at 28 weeks (I posted my outfit here,) and I felt fantastic. One of the lovely things about pregnancy has been how happy people are for you. Everyone is interested and wants to talk about the baby, and whilst it’s not helping me get my patients seen on schedule at work at all, it feels really special.

At 31-32 weeks we travelled to Italy for our friends wedding, a little over the recommended time limit for flying but I paid for a fit to fly note from my GP and had no problems at all. I wasn’t going to not go ‘just in case’ when in all likelihood baby’s arrival was another 10 weeks off. As a side note here, if you do intend to fly with a visible bump, it’s well worth getting a note – I didn’t think I looked that big but was asked for my note on both legs of the journey at check in and although I don’t know what would have happened if I had simply said I was under the 28 week limit most airlines impose, it was good to have the back up and no stress. Travelling was fine – I made sure I stayed hydrated and did leg exercises but it was a short 3 hour flight and all felt pretty normal. We did make concessions to our usual style of travel – after Barcelona I knew an all day sight seeing walking tour wasn’t for me and we had a lot of ice cream stops but I was still fine cycling all around Florence for the day. Tuscan hill top towns were another matter and I felt like a steam train much of the time puffing around!

We went away mid kitchen renovation and came back to the final weeks of it which have since passed in a blur of project managing electricians, buying and returning lights, co-ordinating flooring fitters, painters (for the kitchen units) and marble installation, whilst actually decorating ourselves. In the midst of this we thought we had better get on with one of the attic guest rooms as Francesca is still with us due to hold ups in her purchase and so we need somewhere for relatives to stay when the baby is here. So that has been stripped, re-plastered, a new window is being fitted as I type and carpet coming later today. And before you ask… no, the nursery isn’t even partially started. Although the wallpaper did arrive yesterday!

All in all I had so many people scare-mongering about the third trimester and how awful pregnancy is/was that I hope a positive account of it is a balancing post for those of you contemplating making the leap. I know when I was planning to get pregnant (I promise, more on that too soon,) I had seen so many people struggle with it that I wondered how I would even manage to work, but even now I’m doing fine, so don’t worry before you have to! I’m hoping I can squeeze in another 2 updates before baby arrives, more for myself than anything so I’ll keep you posted, but we’ll see… 😉


PS. My pregnancy so far…
The first three months…
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4 thoughts on “25-33 weeks…

  1. Hi Rebecca, love your updates, they make me so nostalgic for my pregnancy particularly as we undertook some big renovations to our house as well (although we moved out, and didn’t get back in until baby was three weeks old – there were lots of tears over this). I flew at 26ish weeks to Italy for a wedding as well and therefore didn’t bother with a certificate however on the way home I had to sign a disclaimer at the check-in desk before they would let me fly. If I were to fly again and had a similar sized bump then I would probably ask for a certificate just in case as there was quite a bit of stress and panic trying to persuade the Italian BA staff that I was allowed to fly and in rude health.

  2. You look utterly fabulous!

    I’m unspeakably glad to hear that it wasn’t just me that let the pregnancy milestone tracking / diary fall by the wayside. I do regret not taking more full length photos so keep snapping away. I really, really regret that.

    I flew to Spain at about 19 weeks (looked about the same size as you did at 30!) and was never asked for a note (which was just as well as I didn’t have one!). I was even moved seat on my flight to accommodate someone else despite having paid extra to secure a specific seat!!

    I loved being pregnant and can’t wait to do it all again. My husband maintains that I’m looking at it through rose tinted glasses and I have to admit that every wave of nausea brings all those feelings of morning sickness back to me but regardless… In my mind I loved every minute.

    Enjoy the last few weeks 🙂 xxx

  3. I love your updates so I know whats coming in a few weeks – Its quite easy to compare bump shape and size as ummm….I have all of those clothes….

    We just got back from a long weekend and flew with Norweigan who didn’t bat an eyelid (I think about 20 people on our flight were pregnant though). They have a policy of not asking for Drs notes until 34 weeks which seems quite late (and I think is against NHS guidelines) but maybe its a Scandi thing. Like you, I did my feet exercises but its only 2 hours average so it wasn’t too bad.

    Aside from the still throwing up and the oversized feet (which really do need to shrink back to normal), I’ve been pretty lucky with symptoms. I’ve not had any heartburn which I know can really halt some women in their tracks and nothing too ucky.

    I must say that I am really struggling with work but thats the culture in this profession (it shouldn’t be, it is) and I’m the first pregnant person in my particular team so when we’re working late and I say I need to eat or go home because its umm…midnight, I feel as if I am hitting my head against a ceiling. I’ve realised that tiredness, not eating regularly enough and exhaustion is a trigger for my being sick so I’m really trying to limit my hours in the office.

    I’m also going to start swimming **cough**. Maybe when I start my maternity leave.

    Hope F’s house purchase gets going again soon – just so we can read blog updates about it!

  4. I love the pregnancy updates, I’m a couple of weeks behind Becca so am also enjoying seeing what’s coming up – and totally bookmarking this post to compare bump size as it grows… It’s also really useful seeing the discussions on things like prams (which we’d thought a lot about) and changing bags (which we’d not thought about at all!), and reading the style ideas.

    We moved into our new house a couple of weeks before getting pregnant so have been emptying boxes, painting walls and putting together furniture around the growing bump. We’ve decided to get decorators to do the two main downstairs rooms and the hallways/landings as otherwise it’s just not going to get done. Everything else will have to wait. The decorators are scheduled somewhere from 35-37 weeks which could be interesting!

    Symptoms wise I’ve struggled (and still am) with quite a bit of sickness and SPD (but no heartburn to date), and I’m not sure I would have managed to still be working simply because the morning commute became a nightmare and I often feel quite washed out in the mornings. If I’m particularly hungry or tired then that makes symptoms worse, especially the sickness.

    Looking forward to reading future updates!

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