Shopping and Unlocking

So today I went shopping, for the first time in 13 months. I know that might seem standard given the year we have all had, but I didn’t even go when we could between the various lockdowns. Through a combination of being extra careful because I was pregnant and wanting to be generally sensible and keep to the essentials, I hadn’t shopped recreationally for well over a year. I had popped in to shop here and there to make a return, or pick up a click and collect but I also hadn’t wanted to shop. I found the whole experience uncomfortable, people too close, people not wearing masks, just people full stop!

Visiting the holy grail…

Today I actually enjoyed it. I wandered. I had a coffee. I browsed and talked to random strangers and shop assistants. I tried shoes on. It was busy but not packed and felt gloriously (sort of) normal. I could do without the mask wearing (I hope its inspiring a new level of respect in people for those in jobs and professions who wear them all day to keep people safe,) as it does detract from the experience and I cant wait to be able to stop and sit down somewhere for lunch, (I was in The Trafford Centre so no indoor dining,) but over all I enjoyed it. Most importantly I came home feeling so much lighter, happier.

I know everyone has struggled through the pandemic (and I’m not suggesting it’s all over,) for many different reasons but I certainly felt I had been relatively unaffected, and was coping well. But as we started to unlock I’ve found myself feeling flat or even down at times as the promised freedom hasn’t been quite as good as expected. A lot of things still haven’t changed. It’s still really cold for outdoor socialising. And sometimes I don’t even know what to do anymore because we haven’t done anything for so long. What did we used to do when we could go anywhere or see anyone we liked whenever we wanted? I think I hadn’t realised how much of a toll 24/7 parenting 2, then 3 kids has taken on me. Not just the actual parenting itself but the lack of time NOT parenting. It’s not a unique circumstance by any means but Pete and I haven’t spent a date night away from our home and children together since 7th March 2020. It has been relentless and left very little time for us, for me. These hours to myself today were restorative. I had time and patience for the girls this evening and found the energy to joke and laugh over dinner even when they were reaching peak tiredness and awkwardness – if you know you know.

Although I enjoyed going to the shops I didn’t actually do a great deal of ‘shopping’. I had returns to make and a few things I wanted to buy in person but I think my consumer behaviour has changed so much I wonder if I will use the shops in the same way in future. If I’ll ever go back to shopping the way I used to? I don’t think it’s just Covid that has changed my behaviour but a combination of factors amplified by lockdown. Supporting small and independent brands has become important to me and through following several of them on social media I’ve become way more conscious of the impact my consumer habits have on the world. I’ve learned about ethical production and sustainable fabrics. The idea of buying once and buying well. I’ve developed a distaste for fast fashion and all the ethical and environmental issues that go with it. Now I think about where my clothes come from, what they are made of, who made them, packed them and how they are delivered*. Even if a product ticks all of the right boxes, will I even have anywhere to wear it? Does it fit my lifestyle now? Do I ever want to wear heels again?! I find myself browsing mailing list catalogues and although I want many of the featured items I’m really hesitant to buy them as I just don’t need more ‘stuff’, so I’m haven’t really substituted in-person shopping for shopping online either. I have even found myself thinking about making one or two pieces that perfectly fit the bill of what I want to wear, instead of buying several that aren’t quite what I was looking for and getting minimal wear out of them.

All of these changes can only be a good thing but I can’t help but wonder if everyone felt like this and consequently changed their shopping habits there would be a huge section of the retail industry and and its workers out of a job.

There’s no denying that today was a good day. Clearly it left me thinking though. How are you feeling about the shops reopening? Have you changed your shopping habits? Maybe you feel similarly about restaurants and now prefer to cook at home (I’m sure that person must be out there?!) I’d love to hear how you’re all finding it, shopping and unlocking… Feel free to comment here or pop over to my Instagram post with the same photo and leave a comment there if its easier. As always I love to hear your thoughts.

Rebecca x

*I am by no means a saint when it comes to shopping but I am trying to make better choices and buy less items, more responsibly; learning all the time.

Spring Dresses Edit: The Breastfeeding edition

Firstly, feel free to scroll on by if you’re not currently breastfeeding, however, these are all chosen from mainstream fashion, just with breastfeeding access in mind so it shouldn’t make a difference. 🙂

It’s less than one week to go and the internet is exploding with round ups of spring fashion to wear as we all get to mingle with friends again, and not long after that we will be able to do it in an actual restaurant with actual food we haven’t cooked ourselves, (yes I know, takeaways have been open and we have had many, but you’re still stuck with the clearing up.) Personally, I have mixed feelings about this. I do love a dress, but more and more with small children, the change in behaviours we’ve all made in the last 12 months and now breastfeeding Kit, I find I wear the same clothes on repeat. I’m also really starting to think about ethically made and sold items, buying better, buying less, so I’ve been scouring the shops with the idea in mind of buying one or maybe 2 nice dresses that I can get a lot of wear out of. As I was doing the leg work I thought I’d share here.

Firstly, I should say, it is BARELY spring. Don’t expect to find strappy dresses or if I have included them, please know I’m intending them to be layered over light weight polo necks or a long sleeved Breton, or under some chunky knitwear. Whilst we are all hoping for a spring like last year, I’m being realistic and remembering that Easter and most of April and May can often be frankly baltic here and whilst we will be seeing friends we will all still be stuck outside for the foreseeable.

Secondly, from a breastfeeding POV a dress is often a tricky beast. I’m just going to acknowledge now that what works for one breastfeeding mother doesn’t work for another. It depends where your boobs are, how often you’re having to get them out and who you’re breastfeeding etc. I often find people are fans of the pull up/pull down method with a top pulled up and a vest pulled down underneath but I often get too hot in too many layers and of course this is not an option in a dress. I’ve done all sorts of methods but this time around I am completely happy just with the easiest access possible, even if that does mean getting a whole boob out. Firstly its just a boob, and secondly if I feel I’m flashing a bit to much flesh (and that’s entirely my decision to make, not other peoples,) then I chuck a muslin over my shoulder and just drape it across me for a little extra coverage. On that basis I’m mainly looking for button front dresses or dresses to pull down/aside but if I think it will work I’ve included them here.

First up, Zara. Every year Zara nails an ‘it’ dress so it was my first port of call. Unfortunately the one I really loved is sold out in my size but you can bet I’ll be stalking it in case one comes back in.

Florals are big news this year, (as usual, because, spring,) but a lot of ditsy prints that I wouldn’t usually go for. If that’s your thing, this blue floral is a good spring option for layering. The blue African style kaftan I’ve sneaked in just because I thought it was stunning. I’d have to see it to see if you could get a boob out of that v-neck but it could work if it’s low enough. I’m tempted to buy it just for a future beach holiday even though I try not to buy things ‘for the future’. If I had a foreign holiday planned I’d definitely be snapping it up! It was the green jungle print dress that drew me here and I think is a bit formal for my needs this year but if I wasn’t on maternity leave I’d buy it for work.

Next up H&M – also often producing a cult dress purchase that sells out, H&M is always worth checking out, especially their Conscious range which is ethically made from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials – like organic cotton and recycled polyester. I’ve been buying a lot of Kits clothes from this range as the GOTS certified organic cotton is so soft and sustainable! This Conscious lyocell dress they make in several styles every year and is so easy to wear. I had to include this red dress as I’ve developed a bit of a thing for red lately, it’s such an easy statement and easy to wear with a tan in the sun or red lipstick for an event if you’re lucky enough to have one. I love broderie dresses and whilst black is not my thing I love this black broderie anglaise dress. Again its more for an event but I reckon with Birkenstocks or Teva’s it would look great just out and about.

Lastly if I wasn’t breastfeeding, I’d be tempted by this one.

Another place I always check out for dresses is M&S. Often at a good price point, it does take a bit of searching amongst the more mundane stuff, but they often have a gem or two. I’m thinking about ordering this tiered Chambray dress which can be worn loose and flowy or belted as in the picture. The collar trend is going nowhere, and this Collared floral mini comes in the pictured style or a tea dress tiered midi, with with button front fastening. I’m not sure how I feel about M&S coining the phrase ‘midaxi’ but I guess it describes the length well of this loose button front dress. Lastly this Gingham strappy style is £10, yes you heard me right, £10 in the sale and would be very cool layered with a tee underneath.

Hush. At the pricier end of the spectrum is Hush but I have to say I consistently go back for comfortable clothes that have seen me through pregnancy, breastfeeding and in-between. I have another of their white dresses but liked the retro vibe of this tiered one, and the puffed sleeves of the Sienna shirt dress. I think the Poppy wins for me with the v-neck and puffed sleeve combo in a bold pink leopard print which I love.

Best of the rest…

I was temporarily very excited when I found this wrap front gingham dress from New Look but unfortunately its only available in sizes 14-18 currently – your gain if you happen to need that size! I also quite liked this red floral style also from there. Scamp and Dude do a few dresses now and this pink star dress is designed to be worn with a low back but I have seen Jo, the owner and designer model it worn back to front with the v-neck and I’m quite keen to try it and use the zip for boob access. (Also available in blue.)

And Other Stories has also got a few nice pieces, with more of an edgy fashion feel… This checked voluminous dress with big puff sleeves will make even the most tired mama feel like she’s earned some style points. Most of these are longer styles but I love this floral mini with all the frill detailing – it’s pretty but not bulky. (Also available in a wrap front midi length.) My favourite though is this simple striped number, but I’d have to try it on to confirm the breastfeeding access – it looks like it could work but you never know!

I’m going to leave it there as I could go on forever. Other places I’d usually check include GAP, Oliver Bonas, Olive Clothing and my current fav, Beyond Nine. I hope amongst the massive selection here you might find something to celebrate our forthcoming (relative) freedom in! Enjoy!

Rebecca x

6 weeks of Kit…

I could have also titled this blog post, ‘Having a baby in a Pandemic’ or ‘Adjusting to three kids’ but Kit Gabriel Norris has rather taken over both of those situations and made it all about himself – as it should be.

Brand new tiny Kit ❤️

Kit was born at the end of November, a lockdown baby, and my first winter one too. We took him home from hospital in the cold and dark at 5 am, got straight back into bed and all had a lovely sleep, before calling and texting friends and family to announce his arrival when we woke up late in the morning. We have always had visitors almost straight away when we’ve had babies. With both of the last two we had not only family but medic friends who were working in the hospital popping by, so it was a complete change to have silence, just us and him. My sister had left bucks fizz and croissants on the doorstep on her way to work and we sat in bed feeling like we were in a 5 star hotel and had won the lottery with our baby prize. For me this was the closest I could get to the home birth I had initially wanted and those glorious hours of soaking in your new addition in your own home. I didn’t get up when the midwife came and I was still in bed when the girls came home from school and they got to meet their new baby brother. They were totally in love from the moment they saw him and it was a lovely moment to share as a newly formed family of 5.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

There have been many downsides to life with Covid and it massively impacted on my pregnancy, but having a baby in a pandemic, in lockdown 2.0, was in some ways a blessing. As I said before, we have always had a lot of visitors in the past and I had often read enviously of people who made a nest and managed to spend their immediate post natal days ‘on or by the bed’ – something I read recommended somewhere once. I truly believe that is the best start you can have with a new baby, getting plenty of skin to skin, bonding and breastfeeding without worrying about getting your boobs out infront of visitors. I’m way past that on baby #3, but when Cora was born she was so all consuming that I felt my attention and time really taken away from Bea. I wanted us all to be able to participate in enjoying him and adjusting, and of course it was different this time around anyway – the girls are so much more independent and play together for hours, as well as being older – Cora is over 3 and a half now whereas Bea was only 2 and a half when her sister arrived.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

I won’t lie, there have been tears thanks to Covid too. Tears shed because at some points, not sharing the joy of a new baby dulled my own joy in him, though fleetingly. Filling the house with friends or family admiring him, telling the story of his birth, eating and toasting him together, has all had to wait. Whilst I enjoyed the absence of scheduled visitors I missed the joy of sharing him too. We have been fortunate that we have been able to form a support bubble with my sisters household, as the new rules on that came in on December 2nd for households with a baby under 1. Looking back on those weeks after Pete returned to work, I would have been sorely lacking in adult contact, and in fact any contact other than the kids, had I been reliant on meeting people outside.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Of course we have met people – as soon as the November lockdown was over we arranged a visit with my family to meet their newest grandchild, but keeping to the rules we went for a walk and had supermarket sandwiches and coffee in the park. Breastfeeding a newborn in the freezing cold wasn’t a highlight and I’m still trying to perfect winter dressing appropriate for feeding, that keeps as much of me covered as possible! Soon after we also met my in-laws in the same way and I was spoiled rotten by my best friend setting up sandwiches, mince pies and prosecco in the park on a sunny day so we could debrief and toast Kit, albeit 2 weeks late.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Despite all this time and space, babies still seem to fill it! I have been reminded of how all consuming newborns are, how you can easily lose an hour or more to a feed, a nappy change, another feed, a poo-splosion, change and bath… and so it continues in a never ending cycle. Kit isn’t a bad sleeper, mainly waking 3 times during my sleeping hours… but he has had his moments and bad nights too. So far we have managed by Pete taking the role of getting up with the girls and any mornings he is around he lets me sleep in to catch up. In exchange the nights are up to me, which is fine anyway as breastfeeding only needs me and there’s no point having us both up. The mornings I have to take the girls to school were definitely the hardest. There is nothing worse than watching the clock and seeing the hours of sleep slip away and a fixed wake up time looming. Other than that we have been lucky, he hasn’t been plagued by colic and fed like a superstar from the off. My milk came in quickly and there seems to be plenty of it so he’s been a quick and efficient feeder though that does mean he likes to do it often!

Christmas was quiet, spent with my sister and her family in our bubble, which was especially good for the girls getting to play with their cousin. It was the first year in several that we haven’t hosted and it was amazing to be cooked for and just enjoy it. Sometime between Christmas and New Year on a particularly tired night I went straight to bed when the girls were in bed and bedded in to watch tv while Kit fed. It’s become a new routine as it’s cosier and comfier than the sofa and I don’t intend to stop until he gets a bedtime routine! This is the first year I’ve truly lost track of the days between Christmas and New Year.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

Like everyone I think, January has been harder, this third (I cant believe I am writing this) lockdown ending any prospect of family seeing Kit for some time. The grim cold weather. The schools closing was the final straw… and that first week of homeschooling involved a lot of tears and desperation, feelings of failure and despair as I juggled all three children. Fortunately Cora now has a nursery place so I am home with just Bea and Kit, still difficult when she needs help with her work and Kit needs feeding or settling… but easier than having both of them doing different things and needing different, constant help, and Kit too. It’s not the maternity leave I imagined and I feel sad not only that I’m not getting to soak him up in the same way as I could when I had time alone with them at school, but also that that stress and pressure of being stretched thinly in three directions did not make me the best version of my parent self, by a long stretch. Tiredness and patience do not go hand in hand for me and I felt bad for the girls too getting the short end of my fuse. Almost the hardest thing however was the guilt. If you follow me on social media and are thinking that you had no idea I felt like this, its because I haven’t talked about it to anyone but my closest mum friends who totally get it. I felt like if I complained about having them at home (aside from the fact I am very aware I’m not the only one in this position,) there would be people thinking, ‘well if you don’t want to have 3 kids at home, don’t have 3 kids!‘ It’s a valid point but none of us signed up to parent 24/7 in a pandemic, with work to balance in many peoples cases and no respite from school. I had always planned a bigger gap with a third child specifically because I knew how much easier I found it once Bea started pre-school full time when Cora was 6 months old. Those first 6 months were the hardest of my life I think! On top of all that Pete is ridiculously busy with the Covid vaccine roll out in South Manchester, on top of his day job. Like many medics at the moment he’s working a lot of extra hours to get it done, which means less time to help me, and less time with Kit.

Image by Peter Lawson of Lawson Photography

It’s a lot. But it’s a lot for everybody, for many different reasons, and it will be over eventually. I write all this not for sympathy, I know there are people worse off, with less help than me, but to say if you’re reading this and feeling the same, you are not alone, or a bad person or mother for feeling this way. I’m trying to take the positives of having some relief with Cora going to nursery and having so much time 1-2-1 with Bea homeschooling. It’s been a joy (at times) seeing her grown up persona – she plays so well with Cora on her level that its easy to miss her more mature moments and she’s has been a great help with Kit. She can hold him for me while I get something done and he smiles away at her! One of the things I have enjoyed about homeschooling has been the insight it gives into their school work and seeing the improvement in Bea’s writing and reading since March last year is incredible. Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments of abject despair, head banging frustration and tears shed by all parties involved, but I’m clinging to the positives here!

First snow day!

As I write this, Kit is 7.5 weeks. In the last week or so he has changed so much, really waking up. He is super smiley and is starting to really take in his surroundings. He’s started to have cooing conversations with us and we even did our first baby massage class, via zoom of course but he loved it, we both did. I’m already sad that those sleepy newborn days are passing, but looking forward to getting to know his little personality. I realise as I come to the end of this blog post that I haven’t mentioned the transition from 2 to 3 children. In truth that’s because newborn needs aside, it hasn’t been that noticeable. For me the transition from 1 to 2 children was incredibly hard but when people ask I always say I think the transition depends entirely on the babies and children involved at the time. When Cora arrived, Bea was just starting to enter the terrible 2’s (a phase that lasted until she was at least 4!) and Cora was a really challenging baby, in retrospect because of her dairy allergy we diagnosed very late, affecting her sleep and her tummy. This time around, the girls are more grown up, easier and Kit is a relatively easy baby too, so it hasn’t seemed as hard at all. He makes us the family I had always imagined we would be and I feel very, very lucky that he’s here with us. ❤️

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, I wanted to try and put it down for myself as much as you guys, and I have lots more to write if I get chance… but we shall see how I manage that in the coming weeks! Thank you all for all of the lovely messages we got when Kit was born, they were lovely to read even if I wasn’t able to get back to them all, and all the more important when we couldn’t share him in the way we would usually. I’m always grateful for the friends and insta-pals I have made in my phone. 🥰

Until next time, stay home and safe,

Rebecca x

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3rd Trimester Maternity wear…

Good Morning Readers! So, I didn’t quite get the second part of the girls shared room out on here as planned… I took the photos and started the post, but I still had one finishing touch to make which I carelessly ordered on Amazon, neglecting to notice the month long delivery time from China. So I’ll be back on that just as soon as the last bits arrive! In the meantime, I haven’t really talked about being pregnant at all this time but thought as I came into the third trimester in September, I’d share a few of the new season maternity bits I’ve bought to see me through the last three months and beyond.

My home made tiered midi dress – pattern by Tilly and The Buttons

Firstly, my approach to dressing and shopping this time has been very different. I don’t plan to be pregnant again(!) so I wanted to really choose items that would see me through the months of breastfeeding ahead, or that I would wear when I wasn’t pregnant. That said, I always admire women who say they managed with their usual clothes. My whole shape changes when I’m pregnant, and whilst I don’t get completely huge, I do get a decent size bump(/bloat?) early on along with a total explosion in the boob department so many of my clothes don’t work that well by the end of the first trimester. I always find regular tops really aren’t long enough, and this time I really have had a huge issue with wearing anything that’s remotely tight around my bump – even maternity jeans where the denim starts beneath the bump panel have felt uncomfortable, so I’ve chosen a lot of looser styles/dresses.

Manamou Khaki leopard dress (better without socks!) Blouse just seen hanging up

I’ll start with the non-maternity store Manamou I came across on Insta but whose styles tend to be ‘oversized’ and perfectly suited to maternity wear. I bought a couple of summer dresses from here, then more recently this sequin skull blouse, and the khaki leopard midi dress worn here. They do tend to have small drops and sell out so if you like something, buy it, but they also re-stock really frequently with new and sometimes sold out lines. The prices are really reasonable (£35 for this dress) and the only thing I wasn’t keen on was a cardigan I returned, but I am fussy about knitwear!

First wears of my splurge Gussy and Lou cardi…

Normally I’m a real knitwear fanatic and the cooler months bring me great pleasure investing in a few really nice pieces. As I said, I am fussy and often buy cashmere blends or real wool but as I know I’ll be breast feeding and also wrapping/wearing a new baby I’m looking at cardigans instead. Not only do they work with an expanding waistline now but they will be ideal for layering later with baby. I treated myself to this cashmere splurge from Gussy & Lou in summer, and have had loads of wear out of it already, and now am intently browsing Wyse London for something new. I also spotted this Forage Somerset Chunky cardi today whilst browsing and thought I’d share – love the colours for Autumn.

While it was warmer I’ve been wearing this linen shirt as a layering piece too – a bargain I bought from H&M before our summer hols intending to wear on the beach over a swimsuit but it didn’t arrive in time and I’ve ended up layering it over dresses instead. Again it will be great for breastfeeding later down the line too… I consider khaki a neutral and it works so well with all the neutrals, my fav denim and a lot of pinks I lean towards lately too. As an aside, I also bought these maternity pyjamas from H&M I’ve loved wearing and intend to get a long-sleeved pair next.

My biggest problem in terms of maternity wear this time around has been the epic search I went on to try and find some dungarees. They were the perfect solution to my denim love, without any restriction around the bump. I happened to have recently binned my oversized pair and so I was on the lookout relatively early on in pregnancy. I didn’t want to splurge on these as they had a finite lifespan and looked everywhere for a reasonably priced pair. I recommendations for H&M, GAP, Jojo, but they either didn’t have a traditional denim colour in stock or when I tried them they just weren’t right. Lots of them I found quite unflattering and gaped at the back so eventually I caved and ordered the more expensive pair of maternity dungarees from Seraphine which I have been so pleased with and actually wore from pretty early on. They have a decent amount of stretch and I would say size down (I chose an 8 after a couple of orders and would normally want a 10 non-pregnant, despite putting on weight all over not just in terms of a ‘bump’.) In general I like Seraphine’s stuff – although its quite pricey you can often wait for a discount, or buy in their trans-seasonal sales. I also bought this jumpsuit for an absolute steal which I loved for work and think I’ll wear post baby and I like their nursing friendly bretons – I had a red one last time that I still have and added the navy stripe to my collection this time.

Flagrant bum shot to demonstrate my best maternity find: Love Leggings maternity leggings. No see thru bum! Recommended!

One other maternity item I had to buy was leggings. I thought I had a pair I could get out from last time around but when I did they promptly split along the seams so obviously weren’t in as good shape as I thought! Trying to find another pair was a nightmare. I don’t tend to wear leggings as the only thing covering my bum unless I’m hanging around the house but I didn’t even want to be showing my knickers through them then to be honest – its good to hang onto a shred of dignity when pregnant! I finally took a chance on a brand called Love Leggings advertised on insta and was so glad I did. They’re long enough (I’m 5’7 but don’t have particularly long legs for my height) super comfy and thick enough to wear nothing else with them if you wish. There are loads of colours too if you want to branch out from black. All for £17.99 and free returns!

Floral tiered dress from Love Lucy Boutique

This time around I have lived in dresses and I plan to layer the summer ones I bought with longsleeved tops underneath and cardi’s on top through autumn, with chunky boots as soon as I find the right pair. I bought this dress from a local boutique Love Lucy who do online too and stock the same brand throughout the year with a short and long sleeved option. I’m liking the winter mini florals this year and liberty-esque patterns so check them out if that’s your thing too.

The Indigo Sahara from Beyond Nine

Above all however, my fav find this time around has been Beyond Nine. Maternity and feeding friendly clothes designed to be worn by anyone who just wants to be comfy they are gorgeous quality and super super comfy. I bought the Sahara linen jumpsuit for summer and loved it and am writing this in my Laura jersey jumpsuit. I can only liken it to wearing full body joggers and know I’m going to love it post partum and when feeding too. I’m debating adding a linen khaki version or charcoal jersey one to my collection and definitely have my eye out for a long-sleeved version this winter.

The Laura jumpsuit from Beyond Nine

I think that’s all for now! I hope this little round up has been useful for those of you with bumps to accommodate and those of you who haven’t might have spotted a few things you fancy too. I might try and round up some boots next as they are my current nemesis and I’m now limiting myself to buying clothes that will be suitable postpartum – can’t go wrong with shoes! 😉

Love, Rebecca x

Our shared girls room: The Inspiration

Hello readers! Long time no see! I’m cautiously optimistic that having two children at school soon will mean that I can hopefully start to bring you some more regular blog posts. In return I’d love it if you could share them with friends or direct them to my Instagram account to follow there. 🙂 This week, before I show the new shared girls room I thought I’d talk about my thoughts for the space and what inspired the result…

I really wanted to draw a line in the sand when Cora moved in and re-do the room so it felt like ‘theirs’ not ‘Bea’s’. That said, I didn’t want to start entirely afresh where the decor was concerned because it felt wasteful. Changing the colour scheme would have meant changing a lot of the co-ordinating details like art and bedding or cushions for example. I’ve been asked a lot in the past about re-doing rooms whilst working with what you have so hopefully some of you will enjoy this! We wanted to keep the Laura Ashley curtains because I find curtains really hard to choose and I still liked the colour way, in a mixed width stripe of raspberry and pale pink with yellow called Awning Stripe. Initially I wanted to replace the Hibou Home wallpaper but in the absence of a better option we decided to keep it and Bea also already had her Alana copper single bed.

Cora’s Nursery – half wall painted one Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose.

So let’s talk about some of the ideas we had for the space. If you follow me on Instagram I saved a highlight of me talking about moving the girls in together, before we re-decorate the nursery for the arrival of baby number 3! Until we did this, Cora was in what will be the ‘nursery’, so the plan was to move her in with Bea. Our house has 3 bedrooms on the middle floor and more above in the attic but we didn’t feel the girls were ready to move up there together or alone just yet.

Image from Lay Baby Lay

Much of the chat on Instagram was around whether we should sacrifice the (new) bed and move to bunk beds to maximise on floor and play space, or whether to go for 2 singles. The room is pretty big and after hearing a lot of thoughts from you guys kindly replying to my shoutout for experiences, we trialled moving the little Ikea toddler bed Cora had in the nursery, into Bea’s room and were surprised by how much floor space we still had for them to play, so it’s still there now. In time I’ll probably look for another Alana bed via eBay (I found out just before I started planning that the bed had been discontinued!) but for now this works fine. Im also particularly keen on the symmetry of two singles, and the way it zones a room. The beds themselves become a little bit of a their own space within the shared room a few of you pointed out and are much easier for snuggles at bedtime than a bunk, which I wasn’t ready to let go of just yet. We also kept the existing wardrobe and storage units.

Image via @CassCheung

Although I wanted to move Cora in to share with Bea, and I wanted it to be ‘their’ room, I also wanted to demarcate their space a little bit. I had saved a few inspiration photos on Pinterest for sometime with shared rooms wallpapered in complimentary but different wallpaper on two sides which I loved the idea of, but I really couldn’t find the right thing to do it with. There are lots of wallpapers that come in different colour ways but I couldn’t find anything suitable in both yellow and pink to put in each alcove behind the beds.

Image via

In terms of decor, I had relatively recently painted Cora’s nursery in a scandi style half wall with Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose and I was so sad to be redecorating as I was really pleased with how it turned out. Initially I thought I’d do another half wall in the new room but then I decided to start looking for some paint effects or ideas that would make the space more playful. I loved the idea of a painted ceiling but when we moved in the room was painted with a red coving and walls and we ended up paying someone to decorate it as we couldn’t face the multiple coats of paint it would take to cover it, so I couldn’t bear to do that again! I would have gone for this circus style stripped ceiling (below) in a heartbeat but we also unfortunately decided against stripping the ceiling when the room was gutted initially as we feared taking the wood chip off would mean the ceiling coming down. (As an aside, we have left the ceiling in several rooms and whilst it is never something I notice, having stripped the wood chip in the hall, if you’re getting a room skimmed anyway to renovate an old house, in future I’d just do the ceiling to give more options for the future as it also limits you repositioning light fittings for example.)

Circus style painted ceiling
Image via @Linestampedahl on Instagram

Eventually I decided to paint a scalloped half wall and we hovered between Little Greene’s Yellow pink (a mustard shade of yellow – seen in this gorgeous kids room) or Hellebore which isn’t dissimilar to Cinder Rose – a mid pink but the undertone was less blue so it worked with the raspberry in the curtains and the different light in this east facing room compared with the Cinder Rose in the west facing nursery.

Cora’s half wall painted nursery in Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose.

Storage wise, I thought we would need more. One of the issues we faced was amalgamating two rooms worth of toys -including some of the bigger toys small children seem to accumulate, like a doll pram, or play shop. One of the reasons I asked about the single beds v. bunks on Instagram is that we don’t have a playroom, so a lot of toys are in their bedrooms and if we had gone for bunks we would have had space to create a playroom type corner in the alcove where we have ended up putting Cora’s bed. The girls already had a kids table and chairs and dressing up rail of clothes which both got heavy use whereas the other items were more occasional play so we prioritised them and opted to make a play space in a room on our top floor. This is a bit of a trial situation as we have more work planned to the top floor which will involve re-jigging the rooms, but for now we will see how much it gets used.

IKEA Lixhult hack by Pretty in Print Art – click for the
DIY tutorial she shared!

We thought more clothes storage or toy storage would be required than we have ended up needing but haven’t needed to add another Eket storage unit yet (watch this space!) and chose a Mustard Made shorty locker for Cora’s bedside to provide more toy storage. We already have a Mustard Made midi locker in the living room which is a tardis of toy storage and I love how they add colour to a space which helped with my idea of demarcating the girls individual bed areas.

I’ll leave it there for now and hopefully I’ll see you next Sunday with the reveal of the completed room! I’m just waiting on a mirror to finish the mantlepiece and it will be done.

Have a lovely Sunday readers!

Rebecca x

More pretty to browse…

My Pinterest board of saved Nursery and Kids room ideas 🙂

A throw back to the first nursery we created for Bea

More posts sharing our House reno

Social Distancing and Isolation fun for toddlers!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is surving in these strange times we are currently living through. Despite being two key workers, we have elected to keep the girls both home currently as we are able to do half a day each from home and cover childcare. We think this will lower the likelihood of the kids succumbing to A.N.Other bug and end up causing us both to be out of action when actually well. So that’s us right now. I’m posting lots on Instagram so if you want to see what we are up to or hear about life in GP land during this crisis, make sure you check in there. 🙂

Gorgeous Sensory Play dough kits from Organised Chaos with Kids on Etsy.

Sometimes however a blog post is the best way to share information so I’m putting this together for all the mama’s reading who need help with the very little people in their lives. It has struck me that there are tons of resources to help parents of school aged children out with homeschooling or just keeping them happy, and less for toddlers. I have been quite outspoken on Instagram about asking people to just please #stayhome but I am under no illusions about how difficult that is with a small child especially if you haven’t got a sibling for them to play with. Having two is my personal saving grace right now (and there have been many points in the last 3 years that I never thought I’d say that!) So I shouted out to my Instagram friends and followers to point me in the direction of some great resources, ideas and online classes they can do at home to get through the day. I can’t vouch for all of them but there are some personal favs and each one comes recommended by another mum just like you. Take a deep breath – there’s loads here to keep you busy, and just remember you’ve got this, and its is finite. We can get through this together.

Instagram Accounts

@fiveminutemum is full of brilliant play and learning set ups that aim to give mum 5 minutes peace to have a cup of tea. She also advocates play set ups being super easy and simple in case the kids don’t love them – then nothing lost, but if they love it she shows how you can extend the activities. She also has a website – start by reading her golden rule post and a book which is suspect is going to fly off the shelves!

@busytoddler Scriolling through this account the ideas look best for 2-5yo’s but there’s definitely a few for younger kids, like this Toy Wash

@bbctinyhappypeople looks great for young babies with links to their BBC Tiny Happy People website and loads of things to encourage your Childs natural development if you feel you need something to focus on and replace the outside interaction your baby would normally get.

@organisedchaoswithkids makes incredible sensory play doh (we have the unicorn set) and kits for open-ended play for toddlers right through to much older kids. Her instagram grid is beautiful but her stories are bursting with ideas and before she started this venture her grid was full of play ideas so scroll back and get busy! This is her sensory dough Etsy shop.

@Inspiremyplay has tons of great ideas that work across several ages but I noticed lots fo sensory play set ups and ideas for keeping kids busy like this dyed spaghetti set up with ocean animals.

@whatshallweplaytoday is slightly more prop intensive – ie you would need to have a decent range of open ended play toys to make it work) but also has lots of ideas for play set ups for littles. Also you may often think you don’t have the kit for this but scouting around different play sets often means you can pull something together.

@play.hooray is another personal favourite and she is doing a daily 10am play along live – with the required items (nothing more complicated than cardboard, elastic bands and some pens or crayons today) with ideas across her account for babies right through to preschool and early years learning.

@mumlife_mcr has lots of preschool level activities for I would say 3-5yo’s

@beckys_treasure_baskets is a great site for babies right up to 2 and 3yo’s with fantastic sensory play ideas.


Moon Dough – I think some people would know this as kinetic sand or we have bought some in the past called sand clay but what I didn’t know is you can make your own (and get any appropriately aged children involved in the making of it too, it’s another activity!) has this recipe you can use and which can be made Gluten free – bonus!

Montessori Family Box This was suggested by one reader because they get so much use out of it and when I looked into it I could see why. Aimed at slightly older kids (age 3-6) I think a slightly younger second sibling might also enjoy it and I can see there’s real longevity. The kids I see enjoying this however are the forest school loving preschoolers – perhaps those who are the older ones in their year and waiting to go to school, but getting a bit bored at home!

Along the same line is Okido Magazine which we asked for form the Grandparents for Bea this Christmas. It’s a monthly arts and science magazine for ages 3-7 which I mainly love because it has no plastic tat attached! It’s full of gender neutral stories, crafts and science experiments and provides loads of activities for dipping in and out off. I find it perfect for Bea’s age (5.5 or Y1.)

Painting for little’s – yes it’s messy but hey, what else have we got to do these days?! And the weather is perfect for messy play. Try food colouring shaving foam to let little’s do ‘mark making’ or make a ‘paint’ with cocoa powder, coffee granules or tomato puree for them that doesn’t matter if they put it in their mouth.

Easiest thing in the world to do with little kids is water play. Nice weather? Use a bucket or dishwashing bowl in the garden with some cups. Let them bath their dolls or wash their plastic animals. Crappy weather? Stick them in the bath and do the same!

Chalk on the floor outside or if you’re indoors, something like an Aquadoodle is also great for budding artists – no chance of drawing on the walls!

Online Classes

Myleene Class (youtube) Is running a Music Klass on youtube and instagram for home schoolers but it also doing a Wednesday evening lullaby session for tinies.

Little Linguists is a local class someone tipped me off to doing languages for babies and toddlers. They are doing online classes now for £4 – find out more via the Little Linguists Facebook page

Another local class (but a national franchise I think) is Toddler Sense, also doing online classes – See one of their Toddler Sense classes via Facebook live here.

TinyTalk South Manchester Baby sign classes – again local to me and run by a mum friend, she has moved her usual baby sign and toddler sign classes online for the same price.

Heartbeeps is a music class for 6w – toddler ages and is also doing online classes – more available here via the Hartbeeps Facebook page.

For Baby And Me is a local class I used to attend for Baby Massage and also running pram active classes. She has since expanded into Toddler yoga and is doing online baby massage and yoga classes currently via Zoom! See more on the For Baby and Me FB page.

Of course the downside of doing online baby classes is that you miss the social interaction with other mums which I think is one of the most important things about those classes. At least planning something gives some structure to your day which is half the battle. Also, if you’re still working from home, being able to carve out a small bit of time to dedicate to your little one might also make you feel a little bit less mum guilt!

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I would love for anyone reading who has a tip, link or contact to share to comment below. Thanks to all the amazing mums who answered my call out for sources for this blog post and I really hope it helps some of you in the coming weeks and months to stay sane and enjoy this albeit enforced but still very precious time with your Little’s.

Stay safe and #stayhome, Rebecca x

3 things that made my 2019 better…

I know, it’s a big title. 2019 was a year of ups and downs for us as a family, we identified Cora with a dairy allergy and Be a was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Both were game changers and massive learning curves we had to navigate. We went on some epic holidays though, didn’t have much to do to the house and as a consequence we were able to slow down a bit and just enjoy being a family of four, in a way that we hadn’t really been able to since Cora came along, between the sleep deprivation and house renovation.

Anyhow, it was a year in which I finally found some time for me, and there were a few key habits that I started and kept up that had a really positive impact on my life last year, so I thought I’d document them here and maybe inspire you to take some time out for you in 2020.

The books we exchanged for book club secret Santa!

I started reading again…

Actually, this isn’t strictly true, depending on your definition of reading. What I did was joined Audible. For years now I have not had time for reading, or haven’t really found a place in my life where it could fit and work for me. I don’t go to bed early to read – I like to get into bed and go to sleep. I don’t tend to read in the evening either and obviously between kids and work, I’m not going to read in the daytime or on holiday either. I’ve never been ablate listen to audiobooks before but I ended up downloading Period Power as I wanted to badly to read it and my pre-ordered copy was delayed. I combination of the friendly tones of the author and the fascinating subject matter really hooked me in and after it finished I went straight onto Becoming by Michelle Obama. I’ve long wished I had a commute I could make on public transport to make use of that dead time and finally realised I could use those 3+ hours I spend commuting a week, and get real satisfaction out of them. I’ve now listened to book club fiction and finally ticked several non-fiction titles off my list, ‘How to Talk so little Kids will Listen (game changer,) The Chimp Paradox, and I’m currently listening to ‘How not to Die’ by Michael Gregor. 6-8 months on I’ve discovered my love of reading so much so that I’m actually making time to pick up reading books at home too. It might be that some of the subject matter is positively impacting on my wellbeing, but I’m getting huge enjoyment out of it either way.

I started a beauty routine…

If you follow me on Instagram., you might have seen that I joined Beauty Pie – the members only beauty club for massively discounted beauty and make up products. I really felt like my age (and again, those sleepless nights!) were starting to creep up on my skin and it was time that I started to look after it better. The stumbling block being that I am not good at spending money on premium beauty products. I also felt like I didn’t know where to start so didn’t want to lay a lot of money out. Anyway, this isn’t about Beauty Pie – if you want to find out more about that then head over to my InstaTV and listen to my explanation and favourite skincare products. I might even do a blog post one day ;). It has become less about the product however and more about the time spent. The ritual of that mini-spa like experience every evening really helps me unwind before bed. I use a melting oil based cleanser that I massage off and swipe off with a hot wrung out flannel. The smells and the steam are so soothing it feel like a real act of self care. Following it with eye cream carefully applied, serum and massaged in moisturiser and I feel like I have cleared my mind and committed to some real self care – such a rarity as a mum!

I committed to an exercise class…

Feeling ever despondent about the changes in my body since having children I started to look for an exercise class that might help. I wasn’t looking for a fat burning or weight loss type of solution, but wanted specifically to target my core and spent some time looking for a class that would feel impactful enough. Eventually I tried a physio led pilates class (at G4 Physiotherapy if you’re local) and really felt like I had finally found something that was going to make a difference. Wanting to address my core postnatally I had an introductory session to get assessed before I started which I found really thorough and then I committed to twice weekly classes for 8weeks to get a head start, until my work pattern changed and I had to drop to once weekly. Since then, for over 6 months now I’ve booked in to the Saturday morning class, and felt all the better when I’ve left at 10.30, ready to face a busy weekend.

Reading this back, I can see it reads like a classic self care article in a magazine, and I also know that much of what I managed this year was because my youngest child is becoming more independent which means not only is she happy without me, but I crave time without the kids sometimes, something for me, in a way I didn’t consider in the throes of new motherhood – the first time at least! So if you are reading this and thinking you don’t have the time or inclination to do things like this yet, know that one day, not only will you want to but you will find opportunity and it’s ok not to just now.

So, I know I’ve totally missed the boat on analysing the last year, but well, frankly January was a wash out over here and its only now I’m really in the frame of mind to think about it. I’d love to hear what stands out to you as a success from 2019?

Rebecca x

Planner planner, on the wall…

Typically, it’s the 3rd of January and I have just ordered our new Year Planner to put on the kitchen wall. Organisation in our house is pretty multi-layered if I’m honest, using a combination of the kitchen wall planner, a shared iCalendar with Pete and then I also use a BuJo or as of this year I’m trialling a Hello Day planner which I won on Instagram! I’m a list maker through and through which is why I have loved having a BuJo but I’m giving the planner a go to see if it saves me time in not essentially DIY-ing my planner and yet still accommodate my extensive lists.

It might sound like a recipe for disaster but we use the different spaces for different things really. The shared calendar means we don’t have to remember to tell each other when we have made individual social plans – we just add them to the calendar and check the diary to make sure we can plan nights out. My own planner is full of detail, lists of what I need to get done every day, meal planning, holiday planning, budgeting, childcare, birthdays… you get the gist. Then the wall planner acts as a visual aid for us to plan ahead – school holidays, annual leave, weekend activities as a family etc. Because its on the wall in the kitchen it has to look good also, so I thought I’d share a few of the ones I looked at this year, in case you need one too!

This year I chose the Terrazzo planner from The Native State. I wanted something portrait to fit in the existing magnetic poster hanger I have and the burnt Sienna tones mixed with pink and green blend perfectly with the room.

Close runner up was Gayle Mansfield designs and the only thing that stopped me buying one of those was the landscape orientation. I loved the mustard or pink colours though and the typographic style.

The last 2 years we have had a planner from DoodleLove via Etsy. First the Eucalyptus planner which is still available and really calming and beautiful I think, and a more colourful one in 2019.

Do you use a wall planner? I hope you might have found a new independent brand reading this – all of the creatives listed have prints, cards and other items for sale if you would like to support indie brands when you need a new piece of art or gift. Check out DoodleLove’s prints here and Gayle Mansfield’s Magnifique print is next on my shopping list!

Happy New Year readers!

Rebecca x

The Edinburgh Pad AirBnB

The first time we used Airbnb I felt really anxious that the booking would get cancelled before we got there leaving us high and dry. We’ve had varied success with it since but our last trip to Edinburgh proved to be our best Airbnb find ever and I had to share it with you. If you’re into staycations or interiors you’re going to love this – I was pretty much ready to relocate permanently!

The master bedroom

The property is a 4 bedroom first floor flat, overlooking Edinburgh’s beautiful Meadows. With the autumn leaves turning and the sunshiny days we were blessed with, you can imagine what the views were like. The entrance hall was bright and airy with vintage and scandi details, lots of wood, bright colours and handcrafted details.

The lounge was huge, with a gas fireplace perfect for cosying down in the evening for TV binges, and we were delighted to find lots of toys hidden away – the marble run was a particular hit! Isn’t the decor in here just gorgeous? The whole place spoke to my particular passion for period features mixed with modern pattern and colour. G Plan coffee and side tables mixed with typographic art, Bluebell Grey fabric panels and velvet jewel toned cushions made for a bright and inviting space.

The Master bedroom was similarly stunning and my favourite room in the house I think… I think I felt so at home as the colour is so similar to our bedroom wall colour. The furniture has a vintage French country vibe but the whole room is brought up to date with modern art work and pops of colour in the chair and recovered stool (Bluebell Gray again.)

There’s a lovely en-suite tiled in grey toned plank effect tiles and with my fav patterned Lino – I’ve seen this in other houses and it’s a brilliant compromise (and warmer underfoot) if you lust after encaustic tiles but can’t afford them or just don’t fancy the upkeep.

The flat has a second large double bedroom in a more feminine traditional style of muted greys and pinks which we didn’t really need or use but made it a feasible space for two smaller families wanting to go away together.

The small double was next door to us and perfect for Cora. With mid century sidetables, yellow velvet cushions and a patterned rug, this had a bright scandi vibe yet still felt very cosy.

Finally the smallest room had a single in with a trundle bed beneath. Aimed at kids it was kitted out with books and Bea absolutely loved it.

The location of the flat was brilliant too. Between Marchmont and Newington it was walkable to Bruntsfield (an area known for its independent shops and restaurants) and straight across the Meadows took you right into the old town. We walked and walked in mainly beautiful crisp weather which was perfect for exploring!

I’ll try and do a quick blog post on what we did whilst in Edinburgh at some point but wanted to get on and share The Edinburgh Pad. I can’t wait to go back at some point and stay here again soon!

Rebecca x

The Florence Finds House Tour: A Dressing room makeover with IKEA PAX.

One of my favourite views…

I have always been a massive fan of PAX wardrobes. They are astoundingly cheap by comparison to any other kind of ‘fitted’ wardrobe and brilliant quality. I also think the varied interior options are incredible, especially if you’re like me and crave a place for everything, and everything in it’s place. We had 2 PAX in our old house, although they didn’t fit the alcoves either side of the fireplace in our bedroom then and we sold them with the house. There were two hold ups to us finally getting our dressing room sorted and installing the fancy ‘wardrobe of dreams’; One being money (isn’t it always?!) and prioritising other bits ahead of what seemed like a bit of an indulgence, and Two, until they developed the corner unit, I just couldn’t make the units fit and give us adequate storage.

We lived with a couple of old Billy bookcases (also IKEA) as shelves, and a John Lewis hanging rail for 4 and a half years, before we got around to buying and fitting the wardrobes and at the same time we papered the walls to provide a fun feminine contrast to the bedroom and papered the back of the open shelving too. So here is what we did!

The Wardrobe delivery!
The corner PAX unit which made this room possible 🙂

We created this dressing room or walk in wardrobe when we moved in. It used to be accessed from the hallway and was its own room so we bricked up that doorway and knocked through the double doors into the bedroom. That means one of the long walls is out of action for putting any wardrobes against and there is also a beautiful, but rather large window. It’s a narrow room and the window is almost the width of the wall at that end, so we were limited by not wanting to block that at all, and only having an L shaped run of wall to work with.

IKEA has a brilliant PAX online planner which allows you to create a virtual room with your dimensions then fill it with different wardrobe options and even add the interior fittings you want. After a bit of tweaking, we printed out the plan and took our list of products to IKEA to buy them, then got them delivered.

PAX are pretty easy to assemble, but be warned, you often need to assemble them in situ as they would be too big to move. Pete put ours together during nap time one day, in the room itself but didn’t add the backs because we wanted to paper them before installing the back panel for a seamless finish. This then lead to much swearing and sweating trying to move them out of the room to lie them flat and add the back panel, despite the double door access and our relatively high ceilings!

To paper the back panels we simply treated it like wallpapering, but had to do it in situ in the bedroom again. The back panels are kind of bifold for the double wardrobes and that was NOT easy. Should you be planning to attempt this I would strongly suggest doing the panels first and allowing them to dry. We applied the paper then installed straight away which caused a lot of stress about the paper slipping on the panels because the paste was still wet. Slight rookie error but it all came good in the end and it would have been impossible to create a decent finish papering it with the back panel already on. The paper by the way is Harlequin Standing Ovation Exuberance in Heather/Indigo, chosen for the blush tones and near perfect match to our bedroom wallpaper (Dulux Denim Drift) along with smudges of khaki, another colour I love. I did look at some of the murals available online and Bluebell Grey’s wallpaper murals too as I thought they would look stunning with big blousy florals draped around the window and double doors from the inside, but it was impossible to find one with the correct pattern placement so as not to loose the majority of the design in the window and door areas. I also had to accept that the majority of the view of the room would be from outside it, so the priority was making those areas look good.

We went to town and papered the whole room, (well all the room that can be seen – It would have been a gigantic waste of money to paper behind the wardrobes, probably £200 worth of paper would have been lost so we did the top couple of feet behind them only.) It wasn’t easy, and is a bit slapdash in places because our walls are anything but straight so the doors, corners and windows in a short space was hellish. Words were had. But I can confirm, we are still married. 😉

Finally the wardrobes were put into position and (using the provided kit) all bolted together. I’m so pleased with the quality, rock solid and the pale oak finish is calming and restful. We haven’t bolted to the wall as we felt they were so heavy all bolted to each other that even a climbing child wouldn’t be able to topple them. Frankly we cant move them! To solve the issue of the wide window and not wanting to obscure it, the wardrobe closest to the window is a reduced depth one, designed for hallways and narrow spaces. its is still deeper than the available wall space (less than 20cm!) but the wardrobe doesn’t go all the way up to the window and the front of the wardrobe being set back from the central one actually works well with the same arrangement on the opposite side. At least I like to think so.

Of course the fun bit was arranging my shoes and bags, hanging all the clothes, finally having space for everything and everything in it’s place!

A quick note about interiors. We do have wardrobe space in spare bedrooms upstairs which I tend to use to rotate my winter and summer clothes. This was mainly because of the lack of space we had before though, as I dislike having my clothes where I can’t see them. I find I just forget about them! So I planned the interior space very carefully. We have 3.5m of wardrobe space (if they were arranged in a straight line,) and only 2m of hanging rails. I much prefer folding clothes on shelves, and use drawers for things that don’t hang well, so hanging was 1/4 long hanging, and 3/4 half height. We put a full wardrobes worth of shelves either side of the central wardrobe, for symmetry, and deep drawers in the middle with hanging above. The side/corner wardrobe is also split with a set of smaller drawers for underwear etc. We also kept the height of the top shelf identical across the whole width of wardrobes, just the right size for their SKUBB storage boxes for a neat look. I splashed out on one of the fancy wide shallow drawers with the inserts for jewellery etc and now have all my sunglasses, hair slides, earrings and belts laid out so nothing gets hidden away. It brings me immense joy every day!

I hope you like what we have done, and feel free to hit me with any questions about installing PAX! The wardrobes cost between £6-700 if I remember correctly, which was vastly less than most fitted wardrobes and freestanding ones too.

Of course we still have bits to finish in here. Theres a couple of corners of skirting that never got put back when the original room was created, then waited for this project to be done and still haven’t been sorted. I also wish we had done the radiators (its in the plan to change the rads in this room and the bedroom to the old victorian style but again, time… money… soon!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour!

Rebecca x

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